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Dress Code

Dress Requirements

Every class at Chambers has a required uniform, including hip hop. Head to our desktop site to downloard our Dresswear Requirement Packet for requirements and ordering information. 

Girls' hair should be worn off the face either secured in a ballet braid/bun for classical or in a ponytail for all other classes. No bangs for ballet classes. All musical theatre shoes for females should have proper rubber on the balls and heels of the shoes, known as "cat's paw." It can be done at any shoe repair store. Make sure the rubber is the same color as the shoe. Chewing gum is not allowed in the studio. 

Acting and Voice

All Students

Wear comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes. All Acting Students must bring a 3 ring binder and pencils to every class. All Voice Students must bring a recorder, binder, a pencil, and a music stand to each class. 

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